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October 2010
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Devil and the Deep Blue Dog
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Posted by: riozen @ 12:50 pm

It will be a chilly wind blowing across the plains of America this November. Even colder will be the choice we face at the polls. Progressives, Liberals and Democrats like myself are caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Dog. Greens and other Independents are being squeezed to the breaking point. Stark is the contrast that separates what we want to do emotionally and what we must do rationally. There is no choice on this ballot, as far as which major Party should be left in control of the Senate and the House. There is only “sideways’ - a vote for the Blue Dog controlled Democrats - and “backwards” - a vote for the Tea Soaked Republicans. This is a classic dilemma - a situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives.

However, the stakes are too high for a protest vote or stay home and don’t vote. So, it looks like the Progressives, Liberals, Unions, Women, Youth, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Reds, Whites and other Lefties are going to have to save the Blue Dog Democratic Party once again, today, if we want to save ourselves tomorrow.

I am as unhappy as any Progressive, or American who is not a member of the Ultra-Rich, at the incremental, glacial and cynical pace that the current Democratic Party leadership has been stalled at. None of the “Change” agenda we elected these citizens to do has been achieved. No Single Payer, No End to the Wars - Iraq, Afghanistan or Drugs, No Financial Regulation, No Voter Owned and Verifiable Voting Systems, No… you get the point. Well, that is how we see things. On the other hand…

Blue Dogs are grinning because they got what they wanted - gradualism that does not change the status quo hegemony of Profits before People that their Mega-Donors demand. The core issue behind each breed of malfeasance being perpetrated upon the public has been avoided in every case. For example; Health Insurance companies are still roaming the country with Big Pharma swallowing our paychecks unabated, Wall Street Banksters have not been broken up and are still too big to fail, while we are all failing. And in a whirlwind of delusion whipped up by Crony Casino Capitalists, the Republican’t Pachyderm, saddled with the Tea Baggers, is claiming we are suddenly a Communist state? The Oppressed doing the bidding of the Oppressors. Now, where do we go from here?

Since there is no “forward” in this election we must grit our teeth and vote for “sideways” - the Democrats. Why must we vote for the Democratic Party? Because - the only alternative to the Blue Dog Stall is the Devil - the certain Hell that will ensue if the Democrats do not retain control of the Congress.

More than any time in my memory, I am despising my choice in this election. My Democratic Party is gone. Replaced by a Crony network of corrupt internal processes, craven political strategies and hollow policy positions. You and I have struggled to change that these last many years. In reactionary response the Party leadership and majority of the “Incumbents Only Electeds” have pulled up the drawbridge and sealed off their Walled Garden, their private GOTV machine. In California, the Democratic Party refuses to make our candidates even “read” the platform much less enact it. I feel our pain. But I will put that aside for this moment to prevent the Right from stealing my children’s future.

I urge all Progressives and Liberals to join me in voting for the Democrats. Let us put them back in Washington D.C. and keep the possibility of change alive. Then it is back to the epic battle for the soul of America, starting with this lame Ass, this caucus that is just a carcass, this Donkey that is so frightened of “democracy” and its own shadow that it has morphed into a Mule.

Back where I come from, Iowa, they say the only way to get a Mule’s attention is to hit it between the eyes with a 2×4. All we need is the power of the truth, expressed in a free and open press and powered by an informed citizenry. This Mule is going to hurt but it will be good for it. We are building a Public Park and recycling the Walled Garden.

So, get ready you DC Do-Little Dems. We are going to send you back into the fire and then we are turning up the heat!

Left Turn Only…

Brad Parker
September 2010

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