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November 2010
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George Wallace’s Ghost (or Baggin’ the Blue Dogs)
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Posted by: riozen @ 2:47 am

George Wallace’s Ghost
(or Baggin’ the Blue Dogs)

Roused from his troubled sleep and wandering the steps of the capitol buildings across the land comes the ghost of George Wallace. Indignant, proud and prejudiced he wails against the government and its intrusion into his life of obstinate refusal to change. Reanimated by the woman in the House and the black man in the White House it rages against the stormy night of inclusion. It all makes sense except that George repented from his wheelchair, humbled by the same hate he provocated, and finally gave up the ghost of the Confederacy before he went to meet his maker. Not so with the Tea Baggers, mad as the Mad Hatter’s tea party, who are gagging on the poison of “the government is the problem” merrily dished out by the Crony networks of Oligoplic Sludge.

Yes, dear readers, this is a season of revenge, murder, dark motives and unholy alliances made real by a return to the days of yesteryear when White World was lord of all of its stolen realm. Hope has turned to despair across the land as it always does. So, what is a Progressive Liberal Democrat to do? Act, organize and one day form a coalition that can return the Democratic Party to its roots as a bulwark of the Liberal Ideal. Meanwhile, there is a silver lining in the tempestuous thunderstorm unleashed by the craven casino capitalists upon the tremulous, displaced and aging White World.

Blue Dogs are now an endangered species.

Whatever the overall outcome of election day November, 2010, the night will be littered with the remnants of the fallen careers of the core of the fatuous Blue Dog Democrats disingenuous caucus. What the Progressives and Labor were never able to achieve by rational arguments, the Tea Madness night of tricks not treats will achieve by other means. Left in the Democratic Party will be the rest of the Left. If the courage can be summoned to Change the by-laws or rules of the Donkey domain, we might actually have two parties in America once again. We shall see.

The carcass of the Blue Dog caucus should haunt the Democratic Party for many moons as a cautionary tale of gaining the world but losing your soul. Don’t count on it though. We must remain vigilant and organize inside and outside the Democratic Party because some old ghosts never sleep. Just ask that one over there carrying the chains he forged in life - old George Wallace.


Brad Parker
October 31, 2010

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