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March 2019
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In the Shadow of the Dreamers
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Posted by: riozen @ 3:08 pm

It is only fitting that the avatar of the extreme right-wing political, cultural and economic prevaricators should stand in the shadow of the Dreamers nearly a half century since the eclipsing call to peace delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Where better to expose the Elmer Gantry of all things hateful, angry and victimized? Where better to show how much remains to be done to rid our inner selves of our primal urge to condemn, demonize and eradicate the “other?” Huckster in Chief - Glenn Beck is the mirror of how far we have come and how far we have yet to go. His rant was delivered in the Right place at the Right time.

Despite their all too human flaws, missteps and ambitions, Lincoln and King established the demarcation line between rhetoric and action. They rose above their inner demons to reveal the angels of their better nature. They set the bar high for “Change.” Not just the outward change of yearning for a better world for all but the inner change that makes all change possible. Peace, love and understanding begin at home and then travel the byways of life to bring each soul to its destiny. Like Malcolm X, John Lennon and Bobby Kennedy, Lincoln and King accepted their fate as they transitioned from the personal to the public world and brought with them not only the hope for change but also the act of change that is transformational. They each paid the solemn price for their social enlightenment. We owe them unfettered remembrance for their sacrifice and courage.

As for Mr. Beck and his band of rabid cohorts? Let them bask in the vibrations of peace that are anathema to their disposition. Let them revel in their dark demeanor under the watchful gaze of the Americans who made us better. Who better to stand, swear and pledge allegiance to the evil in men’s souls than this ragged company? Perhaps the radical avengers on the Left should join them the next time, as they are trapped in the same dark looking glass.

Somewhere in undiminished time and space, Martin, Abraham, Malcolm, John and Bobby are smiling. Look they are saying. Look at what you will become if you cannot heed our words and deeds. Behold the nightmare made real unless the Dream is kept alive.


Brad Parker

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