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March 2019
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Holiday Shopping 2009: The Customer is Always Right!
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Posted by: riozen @ 2:56 pm

Art Torres once famously told us - as he shuffled our resolutions off to Buffalo - that the Democratic Party is a Business. Progressives know that there is a lot more to life than business, especially in this Holiday Season. But let’s follow that logic for a moment and see how things are working out.

Well, in business, “the customer is always right” is a motto you live and die by. Take Wall Street. We are their customers - at the end of their income stream - the business end. They are not putting out Goods & Services that we believe in anymore. They stopped delivering a reliable Product some years ago. They went so far as to lie, cheat and steal. Not good business practices. Hence, no confidence from the customers. Same for the Sickcare Insurance companies. They have become obsolete and irrelevant by their price gouging and willful refusal to deliver Goods & Services. We, the customers, no longer believe in them either.

Now it is the Democratic Party that is failing the “Customer is Always Right” test.

We elected this Federal government. We elected it Democrat. We, the customers voted for: Healthcare Reform, End to the Irag & Afghanistan Wars and Wall Street re-regulation. We are getting none of that. So, the Goods & Services that we paid for are not being delivered. How many times would you go back to a store where you paid for a Product and never received it? Fool me once etc.

If our former Chair of the CDP was correct, that the Democratic Party is a business, then it follows that it is also just another in the current line of American businesses that can’t or won’t Stand & Deliver on it’s Goods & Services. The Customer, who is always Right, or Left in our case, will drift away and eventually the store will close. Check out the current Democratic Party registration numbers in decline. The fact that the Republicans are deep-sixing even faster is of no solace.

To be fair there are some in the management of the Business of the Democratic Party who are competent and reliable. Also, the workers are a pretty good group. Unfortunately the top brass, the suits in the suites are precariously dancing on the edge of collapse. They don’t get that the business is failing and that they are responsible for this turn of events. But, they are taking their marching orders from their big donors, Crony corporate folks, and as I said earlier, they don’t get it either.

So, Progs, hang in there. Be of good cheer. This is not bad news - it is just the beginning of the good news. An era of Progressive Economics is already underway. If the Business Democratic Party wants to survive then they will have to adapt to it or they will perish. One way or the other - the Times they are a Changin’.

Take some time to spend with your friends and family this Holiday Season. Be thankful for what we share with each other and remember - there is a future and you are a big part of it.

Here’s to us!

Brad Parker
Left Turn Only

2 Responses to “Holiday Shopping 2009: The Customer is Always Right!”

  1. kelsey Says:
    Good read. Added to digg for you. Happy holidays Bar Stools
  2. Wilma RAlls Says:
    Yeah. And the way things are going today tells me it is time to leave the Democratic party to the business people who run it because it ceases to be an institution that does good for real people.

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